The Arvin Khamseh Show is a 5-day a week Podcast featuring interviews with today’s thought leaders in health and fitness, including Jimmy Moore (best-selling author of Ketoclarity), Luis Vilasenor (founder of Ketogains), and Brian Bradley, who works regularly with Tony Robbins.

Arvin Khamseh’s Show was created for YOU, the entrepreneur and busy professional who’s ready to discover the most powerful life-hacks for knocking down your health goals. No matter how busy you are, you CAN live an exceptional healthy life and ENJOY all the benefits that come along with it, both for you and your family.

Each episode details the journey of a successful entrepreneur or athlete who shares their WORST health experiments, lessons learned, and so much more! Each episode ends with the best nuggets of wisdom, Internet resources and action steps for you to start making big changes right away!

Not so long ago Arvin was working 3 part time jobs and upholding 5 leadership positions, in addition to taking on other odd projects. He learned that, as an entrepreneur and busy professional, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by dieting and taking care of our health. His mission is to help people like YOU by selectively choosing only the top leaders in the industry for interviews that cover the Ketogenic diet, low carb living, busting myths in health and fitness, effective methods for building mass or losing body fat and much more…!

Episode 1: On Body Work With Martin Heskiers 

1.) What if the Heskiers One Tool (all in one) could reduce the experienced orthopedic pain by just one percent?

2.) Martin Discusses a new way of working with connective tissues.

 3.) Martin observed a self-repairing machine inspired to create a self-treatment tool that has a potential for extending life span.

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